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 We sang a song with reffrain like this,

Ku percaya Kau Tuhan yang tak pernah gagal
Menjadikanku lebih dari pemenang

Ku percaya Kau Tuhan yang tak pernah lalai
Menepati janji-janjiMu

Honestly, it was like an ordinary song in the ordinary Sunday. I don't remember when was the last time I prayed this verse from Psalms :

Ingatlah janji-Mu kepada hamba-Mu ini, janji yang memberi harapan kepadaku.

After that, a simple yet powerful sermon from Pastor Andy,

"Saat ini sudah bukan masa padang gurun. Masa padang gurun sudah berakhir. Ini adalah masa peperangan, masa untuk memasuki tanah perjanjian. Seperti Yosua dan Kaleb yang melangkah memasuki Yerikho."

Promise land, he said. I remember that there is something I want to forget, something that I thought as the promise of God. I (try to) forget it, but it seems that He doesn't. 

So, God? You want to take me into battlefield? To grab the land you promised? It's just alright here and now, safe and sound, should I go with all the risks I might face? 

You know, I (almost) forget about that promise land. I even don't really remember that I have ever been in the desert.

Are You trying to make me remember, just as You remember?

 Catatan kecil dari Ibadah Minggu, 10 Maret 2013, GBI Senayan City, 12.3

 God bless,


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